Our vision is a local and sustainable,
food and agriculture system.

Local — Activities of The Island Chefs Collaborative are focused within the boundaries of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Sustainable — The ability of our region to provide food for present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their food needs.

System — All providers, distributors and consumers of agriculture, food products
and services.

To help create an environment where independent local food producers can prosper.

  • Actively purchasing from our suppliers.
  • Aiding suppliers efforts with money raised through icc events.
  • Bringing chefs and farmers together as partners.
  • Increasing consumer awareness of locally produced foodstuffs by featuring them on our menus and promoting them in our businesses.
  • Educating the public about the ecological and economic benefits of buying locally.

To act as an open and inclusive organisation.

  • Focus on local needs and local action.
  • Maintain a broadly based membership of chefs, food industry professionals and individuals who share our values and concerns.
  • Used a collaborative working style giving all points of view a full voice.
  • Are committed to actively accomplishing the goals set out in our mission statement.
  • Take a thoughtful, balanced approach to the issues based on economic concerns and the practical experience of our members.